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Serving Newcastle and the Hunter Valley for 19 years

Bark Splitting

Bark Splitting

Kino Exudation

Kino Exudation


Hunter Horticultural Services is a locally owned company that has served the Newcastle and the surrounding areas for the past 19 years.

Horticultural consultation and AQF 5 Consulting Arborist services.

Our Services


Some of our services are included below. To see our full range of services, please head to the horticultural or arborist service page(s).



  • Tree assessments

  • Tree reports

  • Tree management plans

  • Garden makeovers

Hunter Horticultural Tips

​Keep soil mulched


Soil must be kept mulched all year around. It helps with the soil temperature and also keeps weeds to a minimum. Mulch will reduce moisture loss through evaporation. 



Plants that require constant watering should be given a deep water every few days. A deep watering as opposed to a daily shallow watering will be more beneficial for plant roots, encouraging them to go deeper and not dry out as quickly.

Hornsby Article.JPG


We were featured in the Hornsby Advocate on Thursday 13th December 2018. In a report to the homeowner, we recommended that the tree be removed as an unacceptable risk due to a parasitic fungus in the root system. The application was refused by council. 

The tree then collapsed in a recent storm.

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